American Cars Service

American Cars Service

CAVAUTO has a modern headquarters for American cars service and assistance . Our specialist workshop is structured to meet all needs of its customers.

We offer assistance on Cadillac, Corvette, Chevrolet, Dodge, Dodge Ram, Ford, Lincoln, Buick, GMC, Hummer, Jeep, Toyota USA, Lexus vehicles.

The workshop and service department have seven bridges capable of lifting any vehicle, and can intervene with more technicians at the same time for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of any car.

The consolidated presence in the area for years has allowed us to create a network of suppliers also ready to intervene immediately for repair.

Our American cars Service is made to ensure the customer any type of processing and services, including routine maintenance, even with two technicians simultaneously, extraordinary maintenance, vehicle recovery on the national territory by tow truck or cheaper car transporters, and more.

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Some useful information to understand when to come to our Service

Do you know that every 15,000 km of driving:

  • The engine has at least 25 million rounds
  • Each candle has generated at least 12.5 million sparks
  • Each spark plug has endured more than 300 billion volts
  • The air filter is cleaned at least 48 billion gallons of air
  • The fuel filter is cleaned at least 1,875 liters of gasoline (8 km /l)
  • Each valve has opened and closed 12.5 million times
  • Each piston has traveled 30 million meters

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Additionally, for our customers in Milan center we have free parking space at the “Garage Nerino Sei” in Via Nerino 6 where you can leave your car for repairs or service work, and withdraw it once executed jobs. The service is offered as a result of payment according to the ACI rates.

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Do not come to US? WE COME TO YOU!

DRIVER: We offer a service with tow truck and car transporter to bring your car in our workshop.

  • Customer recovery vehicle with a driver up to a radius of 200 km free for processing amounts over 1000 taxable. Amounts less customer support eu 100
  • Customer recovery vehicle with driver from 200 to 400 km client contribution eu 100
  • Customer recovery vehicle with a driver over 400 km to estimate.

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