American cars dealer Milano, Monza e Brianza

American Cars Dealer in Milano, Monza e Brianza

Cavauto Group: 35 years of history to keep the passion and successful man and american cars link alive

Cavauto is an american cars dealer. The Group was founded in 1980 in Cantù, when the interest in cars and the passion for the American wheels of the young entrepreneur from Como Hermes Cavarzan , are realized with the start of a business activity with brand Jeep and Saab as importer of vehicles from North America .
In 1984, the brands represented were doubled thanks to collaborations with Volvo and Nissan .

In the late 80s CAVAUTO began working with General Motors for Opel, Bedford and Isuzu brands, which is flanked Chevrolet, Cadillac, Pontiac and Buick in the years ’93/’94.

In 2003, thanks to the extreme knowledge of American cars, Cavarzan becomes unique official importer for Hummer in Italy , and at the same time defines the national dealer network and obtains for two consecutive years the best results sales in Europe.

The same year has been created the Cavauto American Division ; so begins the Como entrepreneur’s vision for US cars and the world of customization.

In 2006, Cavauto Group, by the will of General Motors, become exclusive importer for Italy of the Saab 9-7X SUV .

Since 2010, the orientation of the Cavauto Group is focused on the import and distribution of premium American brands being cars, off-road, SUV or sports car -Cadillac, Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro, Buick, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, GMC , Jeep-, much as the customization through accessories, spare parts and tires made in US.

Cavauto Group: official importer of american cars, off-road, SUV, sports car, accessories, tires and spare parts.

CAVAUTO Group has always been seen as a rich tradition reality about american cars sale and import, distinguished itself in the Italian and European automotive market thanks to its strategic vision of the sector, ensuring high quality standards in its products, in services and marketing processes.

CAVAUTO Group is now official importer of brands Cadillac, Corvette, Hummer and Chevrolet Camaro and importer for Buick, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, US Ford, Lincoln, GMC, Jeep and Chevrolet US . CAVAUTO is also official importers of spare parts, tires and original accessories for all American brands.

Main is the European title of “official center” Magna Charger for the installation of volumetric supercharging systems and the title of authorized installator and repair of LPG brands Landi, BRC and PRINS. For PRINS, CAVAUTO is official distributor and installer of LPG systems for direct and indirect injection for 6/8/10 cylinders engines. CAVAUTO is also Bosch Car Service center.

Cavauto Group: divisions

The Cavauto Group’s organizational structure consists of four divisions:

1. Cavauto American Division .
Import and sale of American cars. Import, distribution, spare parts and accessories Americans. American cars assistance.

2. Cavauto Custom .
It is the heart of the Group. It is the vision of a stars and stripes four-wheeled dream that comes to life.
Here artisans, engineers and electronic technicians, building custom cars at the express request of the customer and customized models.
We support customization of paint and techniques of the latest generation wrapping and taylor-made technics for the interiors.
Aerodynamic changes and interventions on the engine are managed through our dedicated staff that meets needs which are also in the field of motor sport.
Particular attention is placed to the off-road preparation and SUVs that need customization for off-road safaris.

3. Cavauto Classic Car .
Commercialization and restoration, both conservative both total of American production cars from the 30s to 80s.
The direct relationship with the brand companies allows us to have original manuals and technical specifications, as much as to systematically update our staff.
Our latest generation of equipment allows us to realize interventions for the preparation of the car to the competitions.

Minicarmilano is the division that distributes thermal and electric quadricycles with a no license.
Aixam, Minauto and Chatenet allow you to travel in lanes and in the ZTL zones without paying the pass and park in the areas dedicated to motorcycles.

Cavauto Group: Organization

The Cavauto Group has an internal staff for sales, service, parts, technical, processing and design center, as well as an external craftsmen staff.
All the experienced technical personnel working on American vehicles, is subjected to monthly master classes and professional development.

The presence of the Cavauto Group abroad is managed through a partner based in California for the Coordination of vehicle logistics and distribution of spare parts, tires, accessories from American reality.
In Europe, a dedicated partner based in Germany, deals with issues relating to European vehicle approvals.

President and founder of the Cavauto Group is Hermes Cavarzan, sales manager is Riccardo Cavarzan. The servicing and spare parts services are coordinated by Christian Muner.

Cavauto Group: locations

Cavauto Monza: via Gerolamo Borgazzi, 8 20900 Monza.
exhibition area of 1200 square meters divided into two distinct and dedicated areas.
American Division, where you can find all cars made in the US market and be customized means of Knight division, and Targa Monza: multi exhibitions of European and non-European car.

Cavauto Erba: Via Cascina California, 13/15 – 22036 Erba.
Help Center: 1300 square meters of which 200 are dedicated to the exhibition, the 600 customer service department and 500 in the spare parts and accessories warehouse.
Here is the new “Yes We Help” center for remote support of our customers at European level.

Cavauto Group: philosophy

Cavauto was born as an adventure. The adventure to discover a world of engines and U.S. sensations.

Eight, ten, twelve cylinders. Muscle cars, pickups, SUVs and commercial vehicles. Accessories, spare parts, tires and processing.
Here come the passion for new roads.

Today Cavauto has an ambitious business project focused on the U.S. car products, whether cars or accessories, and customization.

Everyone has his own emotions to suit your skills and experience.

We had to discover the world of stars and stripes to know our true destiny.

Cavauto Group: mission

The experience is Cavauto American Division, the emotion is your