American Custom Cars

american custom cars in milan

Specialists in car, pickups and 4×4 customization projects

Our workshop, thanks to the long experience of the team, is specialized in projects of American custom cars, pickups and 4×4 vehicles .

The customization of the vehicles is treated from every point of view, both technical and aesthetic, giving you the chance to drive the vehicle of your dreams.

Our experts in American cars customization will advise you about the best changes to be made on your vehicle, always guaranteeing a high level of reliability and precise and accurate support in every aspect.

We do not create all-wheel drive monsters, we do not realize vehicles to keep in the garage but we realize the vehicle of your dreams , what you’ve always wanted, and that was always present in your mind!

The vehicles that we create, do not lose the original features of the car from which they derive but we highlight them, always pushing them to the limit, in order to give you a feeling of enjoyment every time you use your 4×4 to push you in off-road adventure or giving you moments of pure adrenaline on the track.

We don’t have to submit to any compromise, except the pleasure of our customers.

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