Vehicle Check Up

Vehicle Check Up


Cavauto makes the vechicle check up for vehicles with and without LPG systems, trucks, pickups, SUVs and commercial vehicles.

Vehicle Check Up Verifications

Our staff is able to run the full check-up of your vehicle in a few hours.

Vehicle check up and car maintenance service is particularly useful in case of sale between private people. The controls provided are:

  • road test
  • visual inspection of the chassis
  • brakes, shock absorbers, front end games, exhaust controls on MCTC bench
  • Control of all electrical and electronic systems, diagnostic units with detailed and printed reports
  • verification of levels and quality of all lubricants, brake oil eligibility verification with appropriate tools, which occurs wear braking systems including pipes
  • check the history of the car in General Motors database, and running of any Recall Campaigns

By us you can find all the advantages of an expert assistance . If you book your car check up online you will have 15% discount on spare parts Bosch , as well as many other advantages. Ask for an appointment and discover all the services that we have dedicated to you!

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