LPG Systems Installation

LPG Systems installation

Cavauto deals in Prins Direct Injection LPG systems installation

We are specialized in conversion of large displacement and direct injection engines

Distribution and installation of Prins LPG Systems

Prins LPG systems installation on any vehicle, from city cars to SUVs, from SUVs to commercial vehicles. The Prins LPG systems are the only ones in the world to use real injectors in the gas phase, and also do not need the additional controller mappings for their operation. Thanks to this intuitive idea, which places Prins as technological pioneer in the field of LPG systems, carburation is managed and controlled totally from the original unit of the machine.

As distributor of the brand Prins, we are able to ship LPG kits and components for installation in a very short time throughout Italy.

Prins LPG systems warranty by CAVAUTO
LPG Direct LiquiMax for 2 years after installation against malfunctions or failures.
LPG VSI2 & amp; VSI2-DI for 3 years from installation against malfunctions or failures.

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The Prins Direct LiquiMax system: ideal for gasoline direct injection engines

Check out the new LPG Prins Direct LiquiMax: advanced calibration capabilities. Optimal integration with the original car’s systems.

The Prins Direct LiquiMax 2.0 system is designed to operate completely in parallel to the car’s original injection system, allowing the use of LPG fuel in a bi-fuel or mono-fuel depending on the application.

The system is designed specifically to Direct LiquiMax direct injection gasoline engines. In these engines the petrol is injected at high pressure [20-200bar] instead of directly inside the cylinder in the intake manifold.

By taking advantage of the original car Direct injection system, the performance of LPG Direct LiquiMax system are equivalent to those of gasoline. With the Direct LiquiMax system there is no difference compared to petrol while driving a car.

The Prins VSI system: most powerful steam injection LPG system on the market

VSI is short for “Vapour Sequential Injection”. This alternative fuel system is the most advanced available steam injection system on the market. The VSI system is available to both LPG and methane and is also suitable for last generation Direct Injection engines (VSI-DI). With the VSI system there is no difference in driving compared to gasoline-powered engines. With the VSI system Prins made a further effort to reduce emissions and reduce costs.

This alternative power system VSI was developed in close cooperation with Keihin Corp., a leading manufacturer of injectors in the world and a name that stands for quality and reliability.

The VSI system is fully integrated with the vehicle control unit.

The key components of this alternative system are all of OEM quality and specially designed for LPG and CNG applications. All components comply with the strictest regulations and certifications. The component installation is very simple thanks to the compact design of the components.

The dedicated diagnostic software is unique and enables the development of the VSI system to optimize performance and reduce emissions.

For storage of LPG or CNG there are different tank options available.

PRINS LPG systems: on the front line for the environment and health of drivers

Needless to say that air pollution is a very serious problem in all major cities of the world.
Past governments were concerned only to lower CO2 levels, but have forgotten the serious problem of particulate matter and of the ‘high level of nitrogen oxide emissions coming out from the exhaust pipes of diesel engines.

It is now time to act!
We all know that LPG emits less pollutants harmful to human health than diesel, and less carbon than diesel and gasoline engines. Prins has a clear role to play in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, with the aim of improving air quality in our cities.

One of the reasons why Prins has developed the kit DLM (Direct LiquiMax)is to offer a solution for owners of cars and commercial vehicles that need to renew their diesel vehicle and they are considering seriously a cleaner alternative, offered by the GPL.

Do not forget that some of the major European cities are seriously considering a total ban on diesel vehicles in urban centers. In addition, LPG vehicles can circulate freely in closed areas and in the days of closure to traffic for air pollution reasons.

Do not miss the chance to help the environment and save on your operating costs of your car or your commercial vehicles adhering to the service of Prins LPG systems isntallation offered by CAVAUTO.

Who is Prins, world leaders of LPG

Prins Autogassytemen BV is the world leader in developing alternative fuel systems for almost 30 years. He has acquired a reputation for excellence in the provision of its products, offering customers and importers economic and innovative solutions to the wide range of engines available on the market today.

Prins has obtained the first certification R115 the world for its direct-injection LPG system called Direct LiquiMax-2.0 . With the latest engine developments for petrol cars with direct injection, innovations to benefit from the lower cost of fuel and LPG to try to reduce emissions are necessary, such as CO2 and fine particles. The Prins Direct LiquiMax-2.0 system complies with EURO-5 emission standard today and EURO-6. Prins has developed Direct LiquiMax-2.0 to get the benefits without losing drivability and performance.

Prins works closely with its installers around the world to ensure that its systems and its components work perfectly with the latest automotive technology that provides the best solutions for mono-fuel and bi-fuel applications.

Prins is a global provider of alternative fuel systems and components for automotive, bus, HDV, industrial and marine applications and has established distribution channels in over 50 countries. Its extensive network of dedicated professionals is available to provide technical support to its customers in post-sales.

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