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Did you remember the car inspection?

The Italian Laws require that motor vehicles and their trailers must to be kept in conditions of maximum efficiency (Article 79). To this they must be subject to periodic car inspection service to ensure compliance with the conditions of security and the maintenance of the noise and polluting emanations within the limits of the law (Article 80).

Car Inspection Service Year 2016

What Deadline
Vehicles enrolled in 2012 inspection within enrolled month
Vehicles enrolled in 2014: inspection within the month of last inspection

Periodic annual audit for buses, taxis, public vehicles, rent vehicles with driver, ambulances and vehicles of total weight up to 3.5 tons.

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Car inspection costs

Type of Coupon Price
Review with BLUE sticker homage 70 Euro
Pre review 15 Euro
Blue sticker 12 Euro
LPG Blue Sticker 16 Euro
Courtesy car Price for day
Smart 40 Euro (+IVA)
Fiat Punto 50 Euro (+IVA)
Furgone 60 Euro (+IVA)

From 1 January 2000, the Italian rules governing the revision of motor vehicles shall respect the directives of the European Community .

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When have you to do inspection?

The car review must be made within four years from the first registration and then every two years to:

  • Cars and motor homes
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Vehicles used for the carriage of goods and special purpose and overall mass trailers not exceeding 3.5 tonnes
  • Promiscuous Transport Vehicles

The review should be carried out each year to:

  • vehicles used for the transport of persons with more than nine seats including the driver
  • Taxi and vehicles for hire with driver
  • Ambulances
  • Vehicles for the transport of things and trailers of gross weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes
  • Atypical vehicles (eg. Light electric cars)

The deadline for the first car inspection service is given from the year of first registration and the month of issuance of the registration certificate.

The deadline for subsequent revisions shall be the month of the previous inspection.

Where to do the car inspection

The review may be carried out at the offices of the Transport Department or at one of over 5000 authorized workshops .

By authorized workshops, car inspection price is 64,80 euro all inclusive.

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